Consentium is one of its kind crypto ecosystem that offers a universal wallet for all sort of trading related transactions. It’s a multi-featured chat app that enables community monetization and rewards users for engagement. The vision at Consentium is to transcend simplistic chat applications and develop a sustainable future-proof application that can serve to host core groups, businesses and propagate real-world communities. Thus, it aims to become a cutting-edge community building platform.


Exonium is a simple, fast, stable and secure platform to exchange digital assets.

This cutting-edge exchange platform makes payments and investing easy and safe across the globe. Exonium ensures access to the top twenty cryptocurrencies while maintaining security and liquidity. It also enables ultra-high-speed transactions, and that too at zero or minimal fees. The absolutely user-friendly interface and dynamic market trading views make Exonium one of its kind!

The security of this platform has been verified and certified by one of the most reliable and top-ranked cybersecurity company. Our mobile application intends to ensure easy accessibility and flexibility. Following cutting edge technology, and being equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, Exonium aims at taking the trading experience to the next level in the near future.


Cryptonium is a global P2P cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to convert cryptocurrency into liquid cash and vice versa.
The platform allows users to trade directly with each other. By locking the funds in an escrow, it minimizes the possibilities of crypto assets theft and also reduces the trading time. As a result, users can trade directly using their wallets, without revealing their identity to the exchange. This is a significant part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Cryptonium offers a service to facilitate the locating of other digital currency users. This ensures the traders can meet physically and continue trading of virtual currency. Cryptonium uses an escrow system, and the transfer of digital currency is made after funds are received in the sellers' account.


CoinJax is an international high-tech cryptocurrency exchange platform, designed following innovative technologies.

With a strong emphasis on scalability and security, the platform employs the latest proprietary security techniques and the best industry practices. With a rich user interface, CoinJax ensures maximum possible flexibility and ease of access for the users.


Helo is a unique live streaming app which allows users to broadcast content to people all over Asia, in real time.

Share freshly brewed content, connect with your target audience and monetize! This is a social platform that enables you to be an influencer. The users can create and live stream videos, and earn royalties for the personal content shared!


GGRocket is the first tri-function blockchain protocol designed for the gaming universe.

Protocol rewards Developers and Users for collecting gamers’ transactions, verifying identities and targeting promotions through AI. GGRocket will allow a myriad of dApps to be built for use by publishers and marketplaces looking to achieve more conversions out of their marketing spend and will allow Users to be rewarded for their data, creating a more democratic and transparent ecosystem.