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To develop your own cryptocurrency exchange, huge expertise in enterprise architecture, security, wallet management and the trading engine is required. To start from scratch, it would be very expensive and time-consuming. We’ve been through all that and we are here to help you accelerate the process of building your very own exchange.

Our exchange software delivers a highly secure & scalable white label solution that allows high-frequency trading of cryptocurrencies up to 10k trades per second. With our strong experience and knowledge in the cryptocurrency industry, we can provide a turn-key solution that allows you to gain revenue through trading and listing fees. The flexibility of our exchange software allows numerous add-ons, ensuring perfect customizations to tailor to your needs.

Trading Fees

Trading fees can be fixed or dynamic depending on your specifications

Unlimited Buy/Sell Order Support

Support unlimited amount of buy/sell orders in the market

Highly Configurable

Configurable operator’s organisation structure, matching engine, and order routing


REST API allows you to access real-time streaming market data, retrieve historical price, and real-time update to trading tables and live trades.

We provide you with support for administrative roles, hosting, maintenance, and design right from the start so you can focus on marketing and grow your exchange.

  • Translation service will be provided for you to expand your exchange into multiple countries.
  • Supports KYC and 2FA on the exchange in order to enhance risk management for you and the exchange users. KYC verification process can be delegated to specific members of your team.
  • High availability server infrastructure to eliminate the cost of downtown that causes loss in revenue and productivity.
  • WebSocket is support for a single page application, resulting in zero response time when switching between pages. This allows real-time data to be updated without any time lag.

Our Wallet

For any cryptocurrency exchange, the security of assets in wallet is the number priority. Our wallet utilises a secure state of the art vault technology to provide assurance for users. Security will be enhanced as all of the digital assets will be kept in cold wallet (Offline), eliminating the risk of funds stolen from an online hot wallet by malicious hackers.

Cryptocurrencies Supported: BTC, ETH, ERC20 Tokens

New ERC20 token can be listed within 30 minutes

Withdrawals are to be approved through operator and will be executed entirely through a cold wallet.

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