Making great ventures globally disruptive

Asia Focus Group strives rowards a new-age VC model with a three-pronged purpose as a venture builder, venture capital and incubator.
Our Services

What We Do


We believe in a founder-first philosophy, investing in dedicated founding teams that will go on to create disruptive products and services across industries. Fiercely committed to honing world-class innovations, we grow with companies through the stages of development.

Our intimate understanding of business needs stems from the hybrid nature of Asia Focus Group as a venture builder, venture capital and incubator.


Entrepreneurs receive expert guidance through the life cycle of the product and company because we believe that a hands-on approach lends to progress. Critical expertise across industries is provided through our vast network of advisors and entrepreneurs.

Our portfolio companies treasure the facilities, talents and competencies we bring on board their companies at every stage.


Established companies can draw on the network and expertise of Asia Focus Group to revitalise their products and services. This includes strategic counsel on M&A and restructuring, as well as leveraging competencies in e-commerce, retail, F&B and technology.

Companies will benefit from the vast human, financial and technological capital that thrives across the 7 offices of Asia Focus Group.

Talent Acquisition

As a new age company, Asia Focus Group understands the importance of talent not only in Finance but also in other business aspects like Marketing and Operations.

We believe that teams can shape products and services, and therefore provide manpower sourcing for companies. Clients can tap into our network and extended subsidiaries to convert top-tier talent in technology, retail and related industries.

Our Products


Asia Focus Group was started by a team of serial entrepreneurs with a passion for disruptive technologies and a focus on value driven economics in the Asia region. From its humble beginnings in 2015, Asia Focus Group has quickly grown to a sizeable portfolio of invested companies as well as business clients from wide-ranging industries.

Through our limited partners and strategic network in Asia and USA, we are able to value-add effectively to our extended group of companies and portfolio – which in turn brings about significant economic and social impact on the world.