Asia Focus Group deploys patient capital in winning teams. The product may matter, but the team matters mosts. Through this founder-first philosophy of investing, Asia Focus Group has produced some of the most diverse companies from seed to exit. Our sweet spot is typically in the seed round, although we are able to follow through during Series A and B rounds as well.


We take a hands-on approach with the entrepreneur during the lifecycle of the product and company. We bring a critical expertise with our wide advisor and entrepreneurial network. Our portfolio companies treasure the facilities, talents and competencies we bring on board their companies at every stage.


For companies looking to revamp or revitalise their product and/or direction, we are able to draw on competencies in e-commerce, retail, f&B and technology to benefit them. We also have strategic and practical expertise with regard to M&A and re-structuring.

Talent Acquisition

We are able to continually source for and provide top tier talent in technology, retail and related industries through our network and extended subsidiaries. Many companies have benefited from our manpower sourcing.


million dollars in sales among our portfolio


total employees hired


million dollars in total funding participated and sourced


Countries present, including China and USA

Our Portfolio


Consentium is a best-in-class chat application with multi-digital-currency Consumer-to-Consumer transfers, as well as a proprietary Chat Community Monetisation (CCM) Model. Acknowledging the increasing reliance on chat applications and its lack of activity incentivisation today, Consentium is the solution as the future Platform for Communities.

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Linktrix Manpower

Linktrix Manpower(Thailand)Co.,Ltd is a premier organization specialized as a Recruitment Consultancy across various industries. We are a team of experienced professionals from reputed organizations engaged in providing specialized manpower to various industries. We are committed to quality performance and we assure you of a high level of integrity and speed in the assignments we undertake.

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Helo is a new livestreaming app thats allows you to broadcast content to people all over Asia in real time. Share, connect and monetize!

In Helo, we believe everyone is an influencer. Everyone has the ability to influence the world around him/her, Helo allows users to create and share live streaming video and photos, and earn royalties for personal content shared!

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CoinJax is an international high-tech cryptocurrency exchange, built from ground up with the emphasis of scalability and security. CoinJax employs the latest proprietary security techniques and best industry practice.

All funds are stored in cold wallets, with a multi-sig process to ensure strong corporate governance and compliance.

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GG Robot - AI Robot that will help you to quickly find relevant gaming assets and services for the cheapest price. I generate smart currency - GGR. It has a special customer protection system with experienced arbiters.
GG Robot will analyze your Armory and find the history of in-game purchases, achievements, and behaviors. You’ll get the GG-wallet and GGR reward. The Robot will find the most relevant gaming items, services and activation keys from our partners and offer it to you. You can spend GGR at, the websites of our partners, or purchase something with it from another holder of GG-wallet.

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Since 2014, we've been researching the best, all-natural ingredients, and crafting a range of products designed to enhance your body to reach peak efficiency.
We are proud to present TIMELESS™. Our artisanal product range of supplements, skin-care, washes and masks will redefine how you think of time. Imagine having that healthy glow from within, and your skin made firmer and brighter -- for years and years longer than you ever thought possible.
Here at GK Laboratories, we're set on delivering on our two promises: That our products have been rigorously tested for safety and that you will love using them as you see the change they bring.
Our story's just getting started. Choose TIMELESS™ today, for long-lasting youth and beauty... from within and without.
TIMELESS™ products are designed in a stringent and focused laboratory, ensuring that only the finest, safest products are ever brought to you.

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Cryptonium is a global P2P cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade directly with each other and its lock user's funds in a escrow instead — which minimizes the possibilities of crypto assets theft and reduces trading time.

In result, trades happen directly between users' wallets and you do not open your identity to the exchange. With this, its part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem we are looking to achieve.

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Exonium is global crypto-currency Exchange, that provide access to top 20 crypto currencies maintaining security, liquidity, ultra high-speed transactions at ZERO/LESS FEES with user friendly interface and market trading views.

Our platform security has been verified and certified top ranked cyber security company. For more easier access to the platform, we introduce user friendly, secure and flexible mobile application for all of our users!

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