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multi-featured Chat App

Consentium is one of its kind ecosystem that offers a universal wallet for all sort of trading related transactions. It’s a multi-featured chat app that enables community monetization and rewards users for engagement.

The vision at Consentium is to transcend simplistic chat applications and develop a sustainable future-proof application that can serve to host core groups, businesses and propagate real-world communities. Thus, it aims to become a cutting-edge community building platform.

& P2P Platform

Exonium is a simple, fast, stable and secure platform to exchange digital assets. This cutting-edge exchange platform makes payments and investing easy and safe across the globe. It ensures access to the top twenty digital assets while maintaining security and liquidity.

Exonium also enables ultra-high-speed transactions, and that too at zero or minimal fees. The absolutely user-friendly interface and dynamic market trading views make Exonium one of its kind in the market.

San Jose, CA, USA
Decentralized Cloud Network
for Communication Services

Beowulf is a B2B platform providing best-in-class communication services with infinite scalability across the globe. With the mission of facilitating secure, best-in-class communications, Beowulf provides a suite of services to help businesses reach a wider audience with no upfront investment needed, and the lowest possible cost using transparent pay-per-use rates.

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Skincare & Health

Since 2014, Timeless has been crafting a range of products, designed to enhance your physical health. It has been an endless journey of bringing out the best-in-class and purely natural ingredients for their products.

Cutting Edge and
Secure Exchange

Coinjax will be a unified enterprise solution to manage in a highly secure manner for all blockchain deployments across any enterprise so that ease of management and visibility of blockchain assets with tidy architecture. Stay tuned!

New-Age Multi-
Dimensional Ledger

Blaze is a first of its kind block-lattice protocol designed for the ever-expanding needs of the digital industry. Its unique infrastructure offers three advantages: making the governance effortless, improving the transaction processing speed and reducing bloat.

The protocol has been designed to be robust and secure to support mission-critical applications. At the same time, it is flexible and resilient to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the industry. Moreover, Blaze is a platform where businesses can set up their own isolated ecosystem without worrying about the security or a need to code.

With features like lightweight smart contracts, smart transactions, built-in voting, messaging and more - Blaze ensures that the businesses transition fluently into the next era of technology.